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Stationary Commuter Cars

No more accidents.
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Two massive cities on a really, really massive treadmill.

One is the suburb where everybody sleeps, the other is the city where everybody works.

There are about 10,000 cars all lined up on the road between these two cities but bolted to the ground so that they can't move. However, when they all gun their engines at once, the treadmill underneath them slowly starts to roll, bringing the city to them. When the city arrives, they all get out of their cars and work. At 5:00, they all get back in their cars and reverse home.

Might be something you could put in a children's book or something. Mildly interesting.

doctorremulac3, Oct 24 2017


       Caves of Steel had running treadmills (at different speeds so you could safely speed up or slow down) throughout the city
theircompetitor, Oct 24 2017


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