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road crossing

how to cross the road safely
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As it is the law in many countries that a person stood at a pedestrian crossing has right of way over the vehicles on the road, introducing your very own portable pedestrian crossing!

Like a carpet roll, the black and white road markings of a UK zebra crossing, that when you want to cross a road you roll out in front of you, like your own red carpet!

Findus, May 23 2009

You just gotta love unusefulness. http://www.google.c...gu+portable+parking
Fifth hit down. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, May 23 2009]


       paper is pretty light and it folds down - er, how many times? oh well a roll of wallpaper is pretty light.   

       then again, carrying a tin of white paint and a brush would be fairly cool.
po, May 23 2009

       I was going to say welcome findus, I like your fingers but I see you been here ages...
po, May 23 2009

       21, don't you ever say anything positive these days? - hmmm might start calling you 21bot!
po, May 23 2009

       // I see you been here ages...// probably waiting to cross the road. (I have my own solution to this - see separate "Chicken Crossing" idea shortly.)
xenzag, May 23 2009

       why did the fish fingers cross the road? how strange...
po, May 23 2009

       disappointing response
po, May 23 2009

       never mind the + - its the words that matter... actually you are not expected to do anything - go smell the roses!
po, May 23 2009

       //why did the fish fingers cross the road?// the start of a fishy tale
xenzag, May 23 2009

       //Why did the fish fingers cross the road?//
Digital evolution?
<hangs head in shame>

       As to the idea. I likes, but I'm afraid it was Chindogu-ed some time ago. [link]   

       //What gives?//   

       A highly respected anthropological study* has shown that, despite the ultimate authority of [jutta], the half-bakery has at any given time exactly one (1) alpha male, who inevitably experiences his own little social/emotional micro-climate while in post. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but may mess with his head somewhat. Anyhow, relax and smell [po]'s roses.   

       *not actually written yet, and therefore impossible to rebut
pertinax, May 24 2009

       Might be implemented with a pan/tilt paintball plotter contraption that is able to mark the street while it is in use.
loonquawl, May 25 2009

       First, attach sponges to the world's widest clown shoes. Soak them in whitewash. Then, heels together and... frog-hop!   

       Hmm... Belisha beacons anyone?
pertinax, May 25 2009


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