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Steady Hands

Place hands firmly in the ten and two position...
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This gaudy time-piece takes the form of a chrome and wood steering wheel. The hands gripping the wheel would seem to indicate that the time is always 10:10 but closer inspection reveals that the hour and second indicator discs rotate independently to align with the strap gap of the stationary racing glove clad hands.

Hurst shifter calendar accessory sold separately.

(?) Strap Gap. http://www.aspinalo...0243_02050030.1.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 28 2009]


       Charles Cecil would surely like this.
skinflaps, Dec 26 2009

phoenix, Dec 27 2009

AbsintheWithoutLeave, Dec 27 2009


       When "Hertz shifter" got 8,470,000 hits I just assumed I got it right. <hangs head in shame>   

       Hurst shifter only gets 116,000. It seems logical - shifting frequencies.   

       Remember the old school girlie calendars for tools and such? We could have fun with this product.
normzone, Dec 27 2009

       Buns away! I don't quite understand 'strap gap', though.
Mustardface, Dec 27 2009

       farmerjohn could not have invented better. +
dentworth, Dec 27 2009

       I don't like it because it seems to do away with the spatial relationship of the hands moving around a dial, and its inherent easy, instant readability.   

       We seem to be left with a digital clock with rotating analog disks that the numbers are stored on until they line up with the correct hand, but the interpretation required to determine in between times (between the standard 12 numbers on the clock face) seriously bogs us down.   

       Correct me if I'm wrong in my interpretation of your description.
oxen crossing, Dec 28 2009

       Your interpretation is a little bit off. There would be no digital display on this clock.   

       Strap gap. [link]   

       <later> Tried a sketch. It sucked.   

       OHHH, Strap Gap. I get it, a little better. So the discs rotate around and reveal a number in the gap in the straps and the balance of the disk is hidden? IE, there's no static round dial anywhere?   

       I think I'm still lost. Neutral for now, a + is waiting if I can ever understand it.
oxen crossing, Dec 28 2009

       time pieces where the numbers go round and the hands (or windows) stay still are quite baked. This interpretation adds nothing but an extra hand (and a quite redundant "10 and 2" reference which IMHO shows certain artlessness re.the act of driving and a gremlin-like need for pointless rules.)
WcW, Dec 28 2009

       Sturdy and nice.
blissmiss, Dec 28 2009


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