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Stealth Parachute

based on the swirly tetra-kite
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This parachute is made up of a network or bouquet of swirly tetra-kites (linked picture), which are mostly empty space, so it would be harder to detect and or shoot down.
Private Boney Bunney, May 03 2013

(?) Picture of Swirly Tetra-kite https://fbcdn-sphot...33_2009921308_n.jpg
[Private Boney Bunney, May 03 2013]

swirly tetra-kite invention Swirly_20Tetra-Kite
[Private Boney Bunney, May 03 2013]

Radar http://www.imdb.com...366/?ref_=tt_cl_t10
[not_morrison_rm, May 03 2013]


       Without wishing to question the soundness of the basic premises of this idea, are the basic premises of this idea sound?   

       In particular:   

       (a) Is there any possibility of a swirly tetra-kite performing the basic functions required of a parachute, rather than simply serving as a marker so that the body of the parachutist can be located more easily?   

       (b) Would a swirly tetra-kite of sufficiently adequate parachutability actually fit into an aircraft, let alone into a backpack?   

       (c) Would such a swirly tetra-kite actually be harder to detect than a regular parachute?   

       (d) Would the terrified screams of a swirly parachutist not draw attention to the swirly tetra- kite parachute?   

       (e) Is there a big problem with existing parachutes being detected and or shot down?   

       In short, would this idea not fail to solve a problem which does not exist?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 03 2013

       Using RADAR, I expect that it would be much easier to detect tetra-kites (made with lots of wires in them) than parachutes.   

       It might be harder to spot a tetra-kite optically.
scad mientist, May 03 2013

       The only way it would be stealth is that radar operators might be less inclined to admit seeing a swirly tetra-kite on their screens.
not_morrison_rm, May 03 2013

       Design it so that it shows up on the radar as a giant Pac-man. That'll confuse them.
RayfordSteele, May 04 2013

       //        (e) Is there a big problem with existing parachutes being detected and or shot down?    //   

       None whatsoever, which is what makes them such a popular mode of ingress for stealth operations.
Alterother, May 05 2013


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