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Steamy Documents

Printer tray emits steam when ejecting a printed page
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Inspired by Etherman's Juke Box Printer, I propose, for pure novel value, a small compartment on the side of a dot matrix printer that can be opened so that water can be poured into it.

Now while the page is printing, the printer starts boiling the water, and once the page has finished printing, the printer lets off all the steam through the printer tray along with the printed page, lending an air of mystique and magnificence to an otherwise boring document.

spiritualized, Jun 15 2004

juke box printer http://www.halfbake...uke_20box_20printer
[etherman, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Perhaps little green lights could be added to the tray so as to make the spooky fog glow an eerie green
spiritualized, Jun 15 2004

       Dry ice might make for a better effect than steam. Also wouldn’t steam cause most inks to run?   

       ...and the paper to go soggy.
DrCurry, Jun 15 2004

       I had an anno about adding a smoke machine to my juke box printer <link>, although steam doesn't smell as bad.
etherman, Jun 15 2004

       If you want to add 'an air of mystique and magnificence to an otherwise boring document', I suggest having the printer scream in pain whenever you print something.
Pocketassreturn, Jun 16 2004

       If the printer screamed in pain it would if anything take away the magnificence. Maybe if it was a war cry, but then we still have the little problem of the mystique being missing.   

       Dry ice... good idea.
spiritualized, Jun 16 2004

       This would give me lots of bad hair days, but it's funny. (+)
PinkDrink, Jul 18 2004


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