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Steel Bra

No more sagging!
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The steel bra could change support as we know it. Just think, perky boobs for the rest of your life! The steel bra would defy gravity while giving today's women a firm, round, undentable shape underneath sweaters and blouses. Must be carefully designed however, as to prevent chafing. Fur lining available after consideration of suggestions. For summer or going out at night, lighter, lined titanium bras available also.
dingo, Nov 25 2000

(?) Minx http://home.flash.n...mbob1/gij71prev.htm
Internal monologue of a steel-bra clad modified barbie doll. "Someone oughta make those damned designers wear brass jockstraps." [jutta, Nov 25 2000]


       How about a chain mail bra too?
CuervoGold40, Nov 25 2000

       Hmm...support, protection, and won't have that annoying underwire.
RockChic, Nov 25 2000

       I want you---She's so heavy.
thumbwax, Nov 25 2000

       Wire the badas for headlights.
reensure, Nov 27 2000

       put in a chenelle linning and I'll buy one !
leefryder, Nov 28 2000

       yeh......line it with fur and I would go for it!!! Of course with push up action....
tigger, Nov 29 2000

       mmm... fur bra... I would definetly not be for that metal on my nippies thing. i live in Wisconsin. You want cold, come here!
DreamGoddess, Nov 29 2000

       Would love a fur bra....it would be so warm and soft. I would buy up a whole bunch.....
fussy cick, Nov 30 2000

       Chain mail bra - Does that mean if you send it to 10 other people you would receive 20 back ?
fretzman, Nov 30 2000

       A woman's fencing jacket has metal bra-style cups in front to protect your breasts from any hard pokes from your opponent's foil. These cups are very necessary, but extremely hard and uncomfortable and COLD, even through a t-shirt and a bra. Sorry guys, tried something like it, and it's not too fun.
kitsune, Apr 10 2001

       didn't Impa (Zelda's nanny/guardian from Ocarina of Time) have one of these?
nick_n_uit, Apr 12 2001

       After dealing with armor bites (painful pinch marks where two pieces of metal grab your skin), there's no way you'd get something like this near my boobs. A woman's shape changes enough monthly that you'd never be able to fit a metal bra that didn't pinch uncomfortably once in a while.   

       Plus, if you think _underwires_ are uncomfortable... ugh.
clynne, May 03 2001

       Perhaps the steel bra could be made by a machine that laser-scans your breasts, and then machines optimally-shaped bra cups out of steel. At first, you'd need a new pair every day or three, but after a while, you'd build up a collection that spanned your normal variation, and you could reuse them. (The machine would keep a database, so it could scan you and then just say, "use bra number 57 today"). To solve the "cold" problem, the steel-bra underwear drawer would be kept heated to body temperature at all times.   

       I agree armor bites would be a problem --- perhaps the bra could have a curved flange around the edge? it would make it look very strange under clothing, though.
wiml, May 03 2001

       That's colder an a witch's tit in an... You get the idea.
MotoMannequin, Aug 18 2001

       I could have sworn the whole attraction had something to do with the marshmallic.. erm... qualities of breasts as opposed to the firmness per se..... maybe it's just me...
valkyroo, Aug 18 2001

       Watch for magnets.
Eds, May 01 2002

       Didn't Xena bake this already?   

       Otherwise, I'm sure you could make a two-section thing, with a hinge in between the boobies.   

       The boob parts themselves could be anatomically shaped, and furry on the inside.   

       The strap could be of chain mail, also maybe furry, for comfort. You could have various spikes and such on the front, to keep away curious hands.
Crazy Bastard, Feb 02 2003

       They already make these for Ren Faires (the more lax ones anyway) and metal fetishists. Do a google search, I'm sure you'll find plenty of stuff.
ArmoredHeart, Feb 03 2003

       ... all was going fine and good in Crazy Bastard's design shop until the prototype metal jock strap was closed on an unsuspecting member....
Cedar Park, Feb 04 2003


       please walk through again madam   


       im sorry madam, but i'm afraid i'll have to ask you to remove your bra.
benfrost, May 01 2005

       Pointedly baked by Madonna.
Adze, May 01 2005


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