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custard bra

sort of like a gel bra
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except filled with custard. Custard's properties are fairly well suited to the task:

- when cold, it is quite firm (as long as it is thick enough), but when warmed by body heat (not to liquidity but to semi-gel stage) would take on the marshmallic (stolen word) properties of breasts, so would be virtually unnoticeable.

- could protect the wearer from hard impacts (see custard-filled bulletproof jacket)

- good source of nutrition

ninjafishcake, Jun 14 2003

NEW FROM PLAYTEX... http://www.geocitie.../IRCGames/Props.txt


       Love it!   

       Where is the word marshmallic stolen from? (I like it. I have adopted a term used by a fellow TMer who gave a humorous speech on developing for profit a diet that works -- the weight g-a-i-n diet -- and came up with this phrase to promo the mindset behind it. Calories, shmallories, pass the marshmallowies.   

       Gotta love a bra that doesn't need washing. It just gets eaten after every use.
thecat, Jun 16 2003

       [thecat] it was in an anno on the 'steel bra' idea
ninjafishcake, Jun 17 2003

       don't date a biter.
po, Jun 17 2003

       Girl: But Mom, I don't want to wear the custard bra to the dance!
Mother: I wore one when I was your age and it's time you went throught the same humiliation.
Girl: What if it rips and I get custard all over my dress?
Mother: That only happens once to every custard bra. Don't worry, they usually rip at the armpit. People will think it's perspiration. Or deodorant. Or cheese.
Girl: (crying) I hate this bra, I hate it, hate it... (sobbing)
k_sra, Jun 17 2003

       is it true that they deliberately make one in a thousand faulty so that someone has a good laugh somewhere?
po, Jun 17 2003

       actually its one in a hundred.. my evil empire is expanded.
ninjafishcake, Jun 19 2003


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