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Steel Toe Shoes

Steel (Toe Shoes) not (Steel Toe) Shoes
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The toe shoe fad was a shortlived one, with each toe isolated in a small sleeve just waiting to be stubbed. Sure you can wiggle your toes in the grass with toe shoes but is it really worth it only to bang your pinky toe right into a rock? Thus I bring you Steel Toe Shoes. Every toe is protected by a small piece of armour to ward off any floor-height hazards. Now you can finally romp barefoot without any of the risks!
mace, Jul 09 2021

Options! https://www.johns-j...l-capped-flip-flops
Might work... [neutrinos_shadow, Jul 09 2021]

Did they even have steel in 1500 B.C.? https://preview.red...ff706bcab4ae4b7de8c
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 09 2021]

Yes, they did. Although possibly not in Egypt. https://en.wikipedi...Steel#Ancient_steel
[DrBob, Jul 09 2021]

An appropos Geico insurance advert https://www.youtube...watch?v=W4mRFIHPBWE
Clogging problem. [DrBob, Jul 09 2021]


       For at least the smaller toes, the "cap" will pretty much envelope the entire toe, which will be uncomfortable (less flexibility, neighbouring caps interfering with each other, weight...). A well-designed full steel-cap is better.
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 09 2021

       And I love the clacking sound when I walk across a hardwood floor.
lingamish, Jul 09 2021

       I would have quite liked an alternate future where the toe-shoe took off and became the norm, if only as a mainstream fashion fad for a few years, like the mad medieval pointy-shoe craze of the 15th Century, or curly-uppy Arabian shoes of (probably) a similar time. But alas, it looked too stupid.
zen_tom, Jul 09 2021

       How are your feet structured [a1]?
pocmloc, Jul 09 2021

       Are these not just "safety shoes", which are quite common?
xenzag, Jul 09 2021

       It is like steel toed safety shoes, only polydactyl, a huge improvement.
zen_tom, Jul 09 2021

       The ancient Egyptians beat you to it. Give me a minute.   

       Okay [link]   

       Poor you. Maybe they have atrophied from decades of being encased in a mono-toed shoe.
pocmloc, Jul 09 2021

Voice, Jul 10 2021


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