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Spiral Boots

For spiral staircases
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I find conventional footwear somewhat lacking when it comes to negotiating a spiral staircase - hence spiral boots. Whenever you are confronted by such an obstacle, simply slip on your pair of spiral boots and negotiate the staircase effortlessly. Important point - always carry a pair of clockwise and anti-clockwise boots so you can go both up and down any staircase you encounter!
squoink, Aug 22 2003


       [Visions of po circling the high street when she forgets to take them off after one too many at the Fife And Wicket...]
DrCurry, Aug 22 2003

       I am ok with a left turn upwards and a right turn downwards. nice one. how do they work again?   

       how well you know me :)
po, Aug 22 2003

       Here's a drawing of a spirokeet.
DeathNinja, Aug 22 2003


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