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Sterility Bomb

Population contol at its most extreme.
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This may sound monstrous initially, but please hear me out!

Say we invent some sort of nuke that doesn't kill or maim people, it only sterilizes them. It wouldn't reduce lifespan or sexual pleasure, and people can live without reproduction. Say we dropped the bomb on like 30% of the world's current population. In 50 years, there would be far fewer starving children and less disease thanks to THE BOMB!

guyonthecouch, Jun 28 2001

A more radical approach http://www.vhemt.org
[mrthingy, Jun 28 2001]

Child Vouchers http://www.halfbake...ea/Child_20Vouchers
A more moral approach [badoingdoing, Jun 28 2001]

Mostly baked http://en.wikipedia...lsory_sterilization
Worst offender: Nazi Germany. Second place: USA [omegatron, Jun 01 2005]


       Forced sterilization for population control is hardly a new idea. Doing it via bomb is, if only because there's no known way to do it cleanly. If you're going to wave your hands and posit magic technology, you'd be better off with biotech, engineering some sort of disease.
egnor, Jun 28 2001

       'Wouldn't it be neat if'.
StarChaser, Jun 30 2001

       Sterilizing big swathes of your enemies might backfire, militarily. They might be much mroe aggressive, not just from having a bomb dropped on them but because the lack the stabilizing effect of children - whether the stabilization comes from nothing more than exhaustion of parents and other national resources.
hello_c, Jul 01 2001

       I posted a link to "Child Vouchers". I like it better. In any case, many countries have a stable or decreasing population (according to the Washington Post (I think thats where I read it) the US has a stable population and the population in Italy and Japan, for example, is shrinking). Taking this into account, perhaps the best solution is adoption of children from areas with increasing populations.
badoingdoing, Jul 01 2001

       wtf is wrong with u
specialED, Jul 19 2002

       What's wrong with "u" is that there should be a "y" and an "o" in front of it.
pottedstu, Jul 19 2002

       Bad news, these days, people tend to group up in racially defined groups. Bombs, generally having an area affect would be working along racial grounds, which most find to be a bad idea. I would prefer egnors biotech approach but putting the bacteria in airport air-conditioning. That way it spreads it through the richer part of the worlds population in a fairly even handed manner.
dare99, Jul 19 2002

       While I agree that large portions of the Earth's population not procreating would be a great thing for that population's well-being, and I agree that that's not likely to happen through any kind of social program (instincts and all that), and that the most likely result of the expansion will be war, I'm still not croissanting this.
omegatron, Jun 01 2005

       And where exactly do you plan to detonate this bomb?
maximus5, Jun 01 2005

       Since [guyonthecouch] appears to be one of those hit-and-run posters who has not reappeared yet, can I propose that the HB Senior Executive Engineers develop an algorithm which can trace the miscreant, find their computer, and remotely log them back in to the HB so that they can be insulted properly?
Basepair, Jun 01 2005


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