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Rubbish Bomb

Scatter landfill waste over enemy territory
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I propose that rather than using conventional bombs which (on a simple level) use an explosive in metal casing, we do something a little more imaginative.

The new contraption would be an explosive, cushioned with large amounts of rubbish which would otherwise go to landfill, encased by a thin layer of metal - the costs would be similar to today's conventional bombs and guided delivery systems could be enclosed if necessary.

However, that still does not answer the question you are probably asking regarding the purpose (or lack thereof). The idea is that rather than filling up our own landfills with rubbish, some of it is instead used in new rubbish bombs which are dropped on enemy territory.

Upon detonation, the rubbish is scattered over a wide area - this is very difficult for the enemy to clear up and is a nuisance. It saves space in our own countries, and can also be categorised as aiding civilians if the waste in question contains food (although this is perhaps in breach of the Geneva Convention's policy on biological weapons - however this can be avoided by justifying the drops as food parcels).

The bomb itself has the same destructive effect, except perhaps a little softening thanks to the rubbish coating. The weapon would be beneficial towards peace-keeping, because in its rubbish scatter role it would cause the same numbers of casualties (or fewer due to the softening of explosive force by the rubbish coating) whilst causing greater nuisance meaning that the enemy would be more likely to surrender sooner.

Obviously due to the size of the weapon (significant amounts of rubbish - possibly compressed - would be needed to make the idea worthwhile), delivery systems would need to be slightly different. One possibility would be out of the back of a large transport aircraft (for example the Lockheed C130 Hercules).

This could be arranged by having the bombs on trolleys which would be fixed on floor-mounted rails with buffers on the ends: a push on the trolley backwards would send it towards the back of the aircraft. When the trolley hit the buffers, the bomb would continue out of the back of the aircraft. This method would of course not allow for such great accuracy as could be found in a guided missile context - this would be preferable, therefore.

The same idea can be applied to guided missiles, and nuclear weapons (although in the latter case the rubbish would be vapourised so the benefits would be questionable).

In conclusion, the idea is broadly similar to today's conventional weapons (including both free-fall bombs and guided missiles) but allows for the scatter of landfill waste over enemy territory, whilst the weapon itself can maintain the same accuracy.

EdP, Aug 07 2011


       Hmm... biological warfare. Sounds fun!
RayfordSteele, Aug 07 2011

       Great - a pollution bomb. I'm afraid it's a bone earner for me [-]
xenzag, Aug 07 2011


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