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Stick Pick

Shoes that can pick up things
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I see interesting things lying on the street (lottery tickets; metrocards that may still have money on them), but it's embarrassing to pick up litter when people are watching me.

Sometimes I'm with a friend, and this friend might be disturbed if I pick up a used lottery ticket. However, I've found several lottery tickets that were winners or not fully scratched off, and I'd like to continue picking them up.

It would be nice if my sneakers had a sticky needle in the sole, normally retracted into the treads, but which upon activation by a radio signal transmitted from my palmpilot or cell phone, extended and made whatever the target was stick.

Then I could duck into a doorway and clandestinely remove the object from my sneaker.

phundug, Aug 18 2004


       Great idea. Do people really drop winning lottery tickets on the floor though? Even if not I'm sure you could use this technique to gather up enough dirty fag buts to roll a big nasty one!
dobtabulous, Aug 18 2004

       I'm just going to throw this out as a possibility, but maybe there's a reason these little treasures were tossed away. People do not tend to throw away anything of value unless they have, say, blown their nose on it. Or perhaps they scratched an itch in an especially dark and disgusting part of their body. And then there are those people who notice that they've inadvertently stepped in something and use their ticket to scrape it from the treads of their shoes. The possibilities are endless.
veryvermilion, Aug 19 2004

       One word: gum.
bungston, Aug 19 2004

       Never underestimate the possibility of finding treasure from the ground/gutters. For example, Charlie found the dollar in the gutter that in turn bought him the Wonka chocolate which yielded the Golden Ticket which gave him entrance to the chocolate factory, went through vigorous testing, passing the test, thus becoming the heir to the entire factory. Of course, I myself have never found anything worth picking up from the ground, but I live in hope that one day I, too, will become the heiress to a chocolate factory. So I always walk with my head down, scanning the ground for anything that might lead me to the ultimate dream.
Machiavelli, Aug 19 2004

       Wear sandals. Stuff tends to get stuck between the sole and your foot.
shibolim, Aug 19 2004


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