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Sticky fingers

Racquet trainer
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Any number of people, on starting a new sport such as tennis or badminton, may hold the racquet badly - this can greatly affect their ability to play, and can even cause injuries if given enough time.
The sticky fingers racquet eliminates this problem.
It has an accompanying glove, the palm of which is covered in the coarse side of velco - while the handle has the soft side.
The racquet is positioned correctly in the player's hand, and will remain positioned until removed - new players will find that over a period, they will become accustomed to holding it this way and will have good playing habits in the future.
fridge duck, Oct 18 2005


       It would also train them out of holding on to the raquet with sufficient grip to ensure it stays in their hand. All in all though I think this might be of some use.
wagster, Oct 18 2005

       Good idea, until people start getting dependant on it. As [wagster] says, minor gripe. Would I be right to assume that this would be akin to training wheels on a bike? In that you could detatch the velcro pads from the racket once you learnt how to hold it properly   

       I'm fairly sure I've messed up my arm for the future by holding rackets wrong, so bun from me.
hidden truths, Oct 18 2005

       Not so good for when you want to change your grip quickly but otherwise good for new players.
pooduck, Oct 18 2005

       Could pencil lines drawn on the racquet accomplish the same thing?
phundug, Oct 18 2005

       Pencil lines would accomplish the same as just telling them off for doing it wrong, they might alter it but they would go straight back to playing as they were.
fridge duck, Oct 18 2005

       I don't think so; the user would be able to figure out the correct grip even without the instructor, by looking at the lines. Whereas with velcro, once the user lets go, he can't reproduce what he was doing.
phundug, Oct 19 2005

       My el-cheapo instructor (one lesson, actually) taught me to slightly modify the grip for backhand or forehand shots. I don't know if that is correct or not, but with velcro it would be impossible.
Ling, Oct 19 2005


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