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swimming fan

very large heater to dry people quickly
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After a trip to the swimming baths today with school, I would really like a large fan (similar to a hand-dryer) located in the locker area to prevent you making eveything from your locker wet, whilst also drying you and keeping you warm.
gizmo, Nov 21 2001

human car wash http://www.halfbake.../human_20car_20wash
This one probably has a drying stage you could reuse. [jutta, Nov 21 2001]


       They had this on a British TV program for inventors recently. It was a large frame like a thick doorframe you stood between, and hot air came out of various ducts. Sadly I forget what they said. One obvious problem would be that fan hand driers are really rubbish, and a whole-body one would have problems with all the hidden places like armpits.   

       I have to go and win some alcohol now, so I can't elaborate.
pottedstu, Nov 21 2001

       something like a carwash - but it dries you as you walk through might be rather pleasant...ohhh don't tickle...
po, Nov 21 2001

       Where can you win alcohol? asking in a casual, not interested sort of way.
arora, Nov 21 2001

       Back to the idea, I would really like one for my freezing bathroom. pottedstu: you could always lift up your arms?
arora, Nov 21 2001

       Your school needs to get real here. They should be flying you out to the Cameroons for swimming lessons. Don't opt for anything less.   

       Grermaine Jeer
maggie, Nov 22 2001

       Half Baked in Austin Powers.
lewisgirl, Nov 22 2001

       Why do I always seem to be discussing hygiene? Hot air hand driers are rubbish in any case, and only work if you shake your hands vigorously beforehand and wipe them on your trousers afterwards. I can't see that being so good with the whole body version. Plus, the other risk with this is that improperly drying regions of the body will produce chapping. Do I have to spell it out? And are you going to stand there rubbing your pudenda to dry it?   

       arora: Ahem, I jinxed myself, we narrowly failed at the pub quiz last night, thanks to certain people being ill and certain questions being on Gary Numan, Fantasy Island, and golf. We will return and win the pathetic half-bottle-of-vodka prize someday.
pottedstu, Nov 22 2001

       There are a number of patents related to this:   

       US patent 4,961,272 is "a drying apparatus which can blow hot air over the entire body of the user." It also attempts to tackle the issue of dripping water getting into the lower air vents and potentially into the electrics.   

       US patent 5,930,912 describes a portable (collapsible) device, and includes a review of previous ideas relating to hot-air body driers: see "Description of the Prior Art".   

       So, half-baked and probably baked.
pottedstu, Nov 22 2001

       Two things.

Firstly, I can confirm PeterSealy's analysis of Southend.
Secondly, pottedstu, I'm going to guess at Are Friends Electric?, Ricardo Montalban and Albatross.
DrBob, Nov 22 2001

       DrBob: Sorry: UK #5 hit for Mr Numan in 1980 starting with the word "We"; character name of the midget in Fantasy Island; first golfer to win a million dollars on the PGA tour.
pottedstu, Nov 22 2001

       Arnold Palmer was the first golfer whose career earnings passed the million-dollar mark (1968).
Curtis Strange was the first million-dollar-a-year player (1988).
As for LPGA, In 1981 Kathy Whitworth became the first woman golfer with career earnings of more than 1 million dollars.
thumbwax, Jun 12 2002


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