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Stink bomb border protection

A Country: Changing Borders prevention idea
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Instead of shooting and killing people at borders, just cover them with automatic skunk spray. That should keep them out.

At the same time, work on a plan to get people from the other side of the border to be happy where they are. (Hints, don't make deals with drug gang leaders, don't make agreements giving terrorist organizations the rule over people, don't give them guns, and don't be surprised if many of them suddenly choose to be violent).

pashute, Jun 26 2016


       What about the percentage of border-crossers who can't smell?
RayfordSteele, Jun 26 2016

       In the UK this will be unnecessary - plans for the construction of a large hydro fan at the north end of the English Channel are already well underway   

       So any mainland refugees attempting a crossing will simply be swept past Guernsey toward the north Atlantic (we thought that would be kinder than sending them the other way into colder waters)   

       Most should wash up in Spain but a few may end up in south America.. eventually
Skewed, Jun 27 2016

       Obviously, Belgium has already implemented this, but for the entire country ...
8th of 7, Jun 27 2016

       It doesn't seem to work for France. Despite their best efforts tourists still arrive there every day.
RayfordSteele, Jun 27 2016

       You guys are heartless, but funny.   

       Great idea [pashute]. Violence begets violence. I would like to be a skunk rancher for your program. Big house, far, far away from the herd. And gas mask, lots of gas masks. And Hazmat suits. And lots of smell-handicapped folks.
blissmiss, Jun 27 2016

       Questions: So, when the chunnel train pokes through, does it bring a cloud of gas with it?   

       Do you abandon towns like Brownsville Texas / Matamoros Mexico to the skunks completely?   

       How would this work with East Jerusalem?
RayfordSteele, Jun 27 2016

       Rayford, you are missing the point...   

       Anyway, there are no immigrants coming in from what you call "East Jerusalem". The Palestinians Authority sees any immigrants as a threat. 20 Years ago Israel accepted hundreds of Bosnian refugees, and many people in different towns volunteered to accept them. In the end, they stayed in Kibbutz Beit Oren, on the Carmel mountains. But when Muslim towns were asked to "give a hand" - they opposed it vehemently. "East Jerusalem" includes the town of Beit Jallah, empty now of its predominantly well-off Christian residents, driven out of their homes by the Palestinian Authority. They are now in the US and South America. Bottom line: The towns and neighborhoods around Ancient Jerusalem (mostly in the north, and some close to the ultra-orthodox neighborhoods on the east) are not a source of immigration.   

       The immigrants to Israel, some - former volunteers against it from Sudan in the 1st Lebanon war, are organized groups driven for three days through the Sinai desert (formerly under Egypt, but controlled by ISIS) reach the long borderline (literally a line written on a map during World War I) and attempt crossing it.
pashute, Jun 29 2016

       I suppose I deserved that for even mentioning Jerusalem to an Israeli. Is it an automatic knee-jerk reaction? Is there a medication that can slow some of the side-effects? Is there a cure to Israelissarealwaysrightism?   

       Pick any random city divided by races of people hating eachother forever. Detroit even. Or the West Bank.
RayfordSteele, Jun 29 2016


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