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Stirling A/C

Stirling motor drives A/C Compressor
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Heat taken from the manifold of engine can run a Stirling engine to drive the A/C compressor, or non-vital engine components that brakes the engine.

This way you can have very small engines, and still accomodate an A/C without putting pressure on the engine.

noyola, May 16 2009

Been thought of before http://en.wikipedia...#Automotive_engines
The last sentence in the first paragraph of the link seems to resemble your idea. [skegger, May 16 2009]


       Interesting, but I don't think it is original. See [Link].
skegger, May 16 2009

       [marked] skegger for moderator...   

       shame, he doesn't give an address for admiration
po, May 16 2009

       Why don't auto makers do more in the way of capturing lost energy? These engines produce a ton of heat, and it can be used in so many ways. I think BMW did something with a steam based turbocharger but wouldn't it be a relatively easy fix to power the AC (a big fuel consumer) with engine heat? I'm going to start my own car company one of these days.
DIYMatt, May 17 2009

       DIYMatt, that's just the point. Something should be done with that wasted heat.
noyola, May 18 2009

       I know, I went on a momentary rant about how much the corporate world sucks.
DIYMatt, May 18 2009


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