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For those long boring drives
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The Stuporcharger is designed to emit a mind numbing tone and induce a stuporous state in the occupants of the automobile in which it is installed. Great for when you have noisy obnoxious children on a long family road trip. An electronic clutch mechanism similar to an AC copressor allows for the Stuporcharger to be shut off as needed.
jhomrighaus, Dec 31 2006


       I don't think it's a good idea to be in a stupor when driving.
5th Earth, Dec 31 2006

       I remember reading about a certain frequency that makes people void their bowels... This sounds like a good idea as long as the stuporcharger didn't produce that exact frequency. Might white noise also work?
acurafan07, Dec 31 2006

       Ultra low frequencies will make one very uneasy. This will occasionally occur in certain cars when the windows are open part way setting up a fluttering compression/expansion cycle, it can be quite unnerving. I had a friend who was a sound engeneer and he had a booth where we would play chicken with ULFs. We never voided ourselves but it does bring on a dread, dropping pit of stomach sensation which is much akin to fear feelings. The only way to induce stupor with tones that I have seen is by playing slightly different (5-10 hz) pure tones in each ear, this causes the brain to get a bit excited and shift into a much deeper relaxation state than is normal with consciousness. There are a variety of technologies available which use this principle and while one can build a tolerance, most of the time it is snooze city. Search for Binaural beat in google.
paru, Jan 01 2007

       What [paru] said about binaural beats. But mainly what [5th Earth] said, unless you're thinking about putting just the noisy obnoxious passengers into a stupor (the driver could wear headphones or earplugs).
imaginality, Jan 01 2007

       Just tune the radio until you find Rush Limbaugh.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jan 02 2007

       Bag pipes would work. My wife suggested Yanni.
jhomrighaus, Jan 03 2007

       I agree, I don't want any of the drivers around me to be in a stupor. The monks work great for sleep... although the last time I used them, my dreams always took place in a church!
flynn, Jan 03 2007

       [21 Quest] is correct. I once got pulled over for wearing protective earmuffs while driving my military-surplus deuce-and-a-half truck. The officer let me go after he sat in the cab and agreed that I wouldn't be able to hear anything over the gigantic, unmuffled deisel, earmuffs or no. I now wear less conspicuous earbuds that not only protect my ears also allow me to listen to my CB. No trouble with them so far.   

       That's my completely unrelated two cent's worth.
Alterother, Mar 27 2008


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