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new martial art
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Stoojitsu is a martial art based on the classic fighting style of Moe, Larry and Curly. Extremely violent and no holds barred, it includes moves like the two fingered eye poke and corresponding hand to the bridge of the nose block. Also instructs in the pugilistic use of ladders, hammers, buckets of paint, etc. Matches involve three competitors instead of two.
saxman, Dec 06 2007

Manual http://www.everythi.../uploads/lamtop.gif
A book like this would be amazing. [theleopard, Dec 10 2007]


       I like it. I envision that violent late night cartoon where celebrities "wrestle".
bungston, Dec 07 2007

       Master of the nyuck chucks!   

       Head-slapping ?   

       The Three Stooges vs. Groucho, Chico and Harpo - that would be worth seeing ...
8th of 7, Dec 07 2007

       The Three Stooges v. The Dixie Chicks.
Noexit, Dec 07 2007

       Why I oughtta!
theleopard, Dec 07 2007

       Love to see some diagrammed moves from a book. Do it!
husband_of_bath, Dec 08 2007

       "The advanced counter-nuggy"
wagster, Dec 10 2007

       *nuk nuk nuk*
Jinbish, Dec 10 2007

       I can see a tagteam version of this, where Curly tags Moe, but Moe takes affront in the manner in which he is tagged, and opts to retaliate for the tagging rather than continue the fight against Curly's opponent.
bungston, Dec 10 2007

       Let's not forget Shemp sp? and Doc. I have to throw you a crust.
Monty6, Dec 12 2007

       The Three Stooges vs. George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld would be a sellout.
RayfordSteele, Dec 13 2007

       This would make professional fighting make sense. I would love to see it +
Spacecoyote, Dec 17 2007

       <[UB] misses the boner and stabs [wagster] in the eye>   

       [wagster]: "You knucklehead!"
Jinbish, Dec 17 2007

       Good idea for the diagrams, husband and leopard. I'm thinking maybe I should draw that and submit as a tee shirt to threadless.com
saxman, Dec 25 2007

       <clobbers [UB] with frying pan>   

wagster, Dec 26 2007

       <whacking [saxman] in the head with a Deadly Ninja Fighting> Croissant.   

       For the highly advanced, Keystone Kops-rate, and Scooby Fu.
elhigh, Dec 26 2007

       <laughs at [UB] clutching head and groaning>   

       <Points, staggers backwards, slips on banana skin, falls down open manhole>
8th of 7, Dec 26 2007


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