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a new and clean sporting exercise
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the insult made, right to the bone
A challenge made, the gloves are thrown
The jackets off, the time is set
the crowd arrives to place a bet!

two fine men in bloomy shirt
bloomy pants besmudged with dirt
belt and buckles grime be-smeared
one with bare-cheeks the other beard!

their eyes locked across a polished piste
wet rags grasped in muscled fists
concuss of gun, and eyes alight,
now fast joined to the fight!

with swing of rag and muscled arm,
risking the most grievous harm,
lunging at the metal, bold
brass is wiped and glint of gold!

but with twist of hips and sideways leap,
splash a rag in buckets to seep,
whip it out with a soapy sheen,
wipe that other belt so clean!

the ladies cheer; the men all shout!
(some don't know what it is about!)
but all watch a magnificent display
of buckles washed that very day!
mylodon, Apr 26 2022

"I don't like your tweed sir!" http://www.comedy-s...m/video.php?ID=3333
[normzone, Apr 26 2022]


       Gives whole new meaning to "whacks off."
21 Quest, Apr 26 2022

Voice, Apr 26 2022

       + hehe…good one.
xandram, Apr 26 2022

       LOL, BRAVO! [+]
doctorremulac3, Apr 26 2022

       Whoa, very cool link norm!   

       Like the Monty Python one.
doctorremulac3, Apr 26 2022

       I don't know what its about! But it is 2022 and I am ok with alternative ways! Yay!
bungston, Apr 28 2022

       Had to look up "polished piste". (+)   

       I am for anything delivered in rhyme, especially invoices sorted in ascending order, although something seems slightly homosexual about this sport. Maybe it's the men "washing" each other's "buckles".
4and20, Apr 28 2022

       (peeks in, casually exits back out)
RayfordSteele, Apr 28 2022

       That link was... original.
RayfordSteele, Apr 28 2022


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