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Stop Projector Lights

Project future stopping
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This is a simple sensor at the front end of a car that detects how far the car is in front of it. This could be laser, radar, stereo.. doesn't matter.

Something within two car lengths will gradually increase brightness on an extra set of dimmable (or brightenable) lights. The color to be decided by regulators.

This will give tailgaters an extra warning that the car ahead is either going to stop immediately, soon, or unexpectedly.

I recently had to make an abrupt stop but realized, I was more abrupt then the situation. Creating a risk of a rear end situation. So this could help remove that human element, without removing the feeling of control, as this is just adding more information about a situation.

mylodon, Sep 05 2023

Tesla Autopilot predicts crash seconds before it happens https://www.youtube...watch?v=APnN2mClkmk
warning: gore [Voice, Sep 08 2023]

Teslas Avoiding Accidents Compilation https://www.youtube...watch?v=KHvLFujWBeg
Some human-driven avoidence. Many automatically avoided. There's no way a human could have accelerated as rapidly as the first video shows without then hitting the car in front. [Voice, Sep 08 2023]

Volvo AEB Fail https://www.pistonh...-brake-doesnt/21916
[bs0u0155, Sep 08 2023]


       Collision warning and automatic braking systems are WKTE, available on many cars. They work even in daytime.
a1, Sep 05 2023

       This I think is unique? The communication is not to the driver, and there is no automated braking.   

       I would have to research what wkte is, but iitme
mylodon, Sep 06 2023

       It may be unique. But are you aiming for practical or funny? If the former, you’d have to compare it with well known to exist collision warning systems. If the latter, it needs something to hang a joke on. Custard, maybe, or explosions.
a1, Sep 06 2023

       Definitely needs more explosions.
a1, Sep 06 2023

       This was more practical. A car in front of you blocks the view of the car in front of itself. If a passive system was set up to help project a 'view' of traffic that will daisy chain a potentially fatal situation, it may help people avoid problems.   

       Maybe cars could just scream if they get too close. Or eject custard, which acts naturally as a speed bump as we all know.
mylodon, Sep 06 2023

       Or just drop a topsy-turvy red traffic light behind you.
pashute, Sep 07 2023

       Tesla's autopilot already detect impending accidents ahead and applies the brake. One video out there claims a Tesla detected an impending accident behind it and got out of the way in time. I watched the video; it's not apparent without in-depth analysis, which is not present, whether that is true.   

       Watching these videos it's obvious that one major advantage of the autopilot in avoiding accidents is it doesn't need the mechanical movement of a steering wheel to change the car's direction. That alone cuts reaction time. And its ability to then change course immediately again (partly because a steering wheel doesn't need to reverse direction and the precise direction of the wheels is known) helps as well.
Voice, Sep 08 2023

       //Tesla's autopilot already detect impending accidents ahead and applies the brake.//   

       While Tesla has more comprehensive automation than others, what you're saying here was around before Tesla. The idea was patented in '54, but impractical at the time. I think Honda first deployed it in the early 2000s with Mercedes and Volvo* close behind.   

       *I still remember the 1st Volvo demonstration saw the car smash straight into a truck <link>.
bs0u0155, Sep 08 2023


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