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stop light stickers

stickers made for the stop light in your rear window
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these stickers would attach on the rear window, directly over the third brake light, and when you brake, it would light up the sticker. thus sending your stupid message to the people behind you. like "I'm naked from the waist down", or "party girl". you know. that kind of stuff.
cornpad2, Jan 11 2004


       But people do this already.
Letsbuildafort, Jan 11 2004

       You're naked from the waist down also ?
normzone, Jan 11 2004

       can it say: "i am not insured" ??
babyhawk, Jan 11 2004

       Not a good idea to obscure any portion of any brake light as it reduces it's intensity thereby increasing your risk of being HIT from the rear.   

       Also, I have noticed many vehicles that have had their rear windows tinted without provision for the brake light being seen through the tint ?? cuts effectivness by more than half :(
highwayman, Sep 10 2005


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