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traffic light braking system

Red. Green. Yellow.
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My idea is that instead of having simply red back lights on cars to tell just when they are braking, have backlights come in the red-yellow-green scheme like traffic lights. A car's back lights would go to green when the driver accelerated, yellow when their foot was off the gas or on the clutch (for stick-shifters), and red when one was actually braking.
benlevi7, Jan 13 2004


       Pink if they are busy with a passenger, just to warn others that driving may be erratic.
kbecker, Jan 13 2004

       Pink & pulsating for erotic?
gnomethang, Jan 13 2004

       Black light for the ganja crowd?   

       Neon for those drinking?
normzone, Jan 13 2004

       <taking off from the lights> green, yellow, green, yellow, green-and-yellow [crunch], yellow, green<toftl>
damn third gear always crunches.
reap, Jan 13 2004

       What color for on the cell phone? Or I am doing my makeup now color? What color for lunch time ? Is there a dicso ball for those stuck in the 80's?
one2many, Jan 17 2004

       how do colour blind drivers get on with traffic lights never mind this? having said that, its not such a bad idea
po, Jan 17 2004

       [po] color blind people just know that red is on top and green on the bottom. But not all color blind people have a hard time with red and green, it can be many other colors and shades.
babyhawk, Jan 17 2004


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