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Storm Machine

Use mist to strenthen winds.
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So, it seems that misting the air around a storm aids winds, which of course will aid pressure variations and subsequent stormy weather.

Their idea is to suppress the mist, but why can't we instigate this process? Some areas are known for having stormy conditions, yet have a few stable factors which prevent a true storm from breaking out (valleys, for instance). I propose that a couple gigantic misters in these regions could tip the scales just enough to magnify storm activity.

daseva, Jul 26 2005

Ocean mist strenthens hurricanes. http://www.scienced...07/050726074054.htm
Will mist work the same way on land? [daseva, Jul 26 2005]


       Just don't do it any place they have tornados.
DrCurry, Jul 26 2005

       sp. "strengthen"   

       Can I ask what use this would have?
pooduck, Jul 27 2005

       Some people enjoy storms. Rain is good for crops.
notexactly, Jun 09 2018


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