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Subterranean Palestine

Peace through excavation
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If there are two things Palestinians are good at it's a) being walled in by Israelis who want to keep them out of contested territories and b) tunneling under Israeli walls.

Why not solve problem a) using method b)? Excavate a new subterranean country beneath the land currently occupied by Israel and claim it as a sovereign nation of Palestine. This means that while the Israelis may occupy important locations such as Jerusalem and Bethlehem _above_ the surface, Palestinians could now enjoy a desirable Jerusalem or Bethlehem postcode _beneath_.

"But wait right there!" I hear you wail from your ghoulish mouths, "Won't it be DARK and SPOOKY beneath the ground in this fancy new Palestine?" And you'd be right to suggest this but at the same time more wrong than you've ever been. As Israel enjoys peace and security on the surface its nuclear capability will no longer be required and they can donate their nuclear material to the Palestinians below to fuel a powerful lighting system carefully tuned to mimic sunlight.

rodti, Jul 21 2014


       A coelo usque ad centrum, as a very unpleasant-smelling lecturer said to me once. Happy to see this already tattered legal maxim (mineral rights, flyover rights) be reduced not just by the creation of a parallel underground world, perhaps exactly like the above-surface world but shrunk by whatever percentage is necessary to offset the proportionate shrinkage in available ho ho surface area, but also a third celestial (in the classical sense) globe constructed from aerogel. The tennants of each switch triennially, so no-one feels like they've won.
calum, Jul 21 2014

       Do you want Morlocks? Because this is how you get Morlocks.
Voice, Jul 21 2014

       If the Eloi had given the Morlocks an abundant and near-limitless source of artificial sunlight I bet they would have been much more agreeable.
rodti, Jul 21 2014

       You mean they don't have the Halfbakery?
normzone, Jul 21 2014

       If the IDF were to switch to bunker-busters, pretty soon there'd be a nice new network of deep holes just waiting to be utilised.
8th of 7, Jul 21 2014


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