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Stove which warns when it's left on.
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My idea is for a stove top which detects that a ring has been left on for x minutes without anything being placed on the stove top.

I'm for ever taking the pan off, dealing witht he food and leaving the stove on.

I'd likle an electronic alarm, beep, wail, whatever.

mattt, Sep 17 2006

Burner Timers Burner_20timers
[DrCurry, Sep 17 2006]

Induction cooktop http://www.thetarta...itech/howthingswork
Time delay is 0 minutes, and it doesn't warn, it just stops. [lurch, Sep 18 2006]


       Didn't bungco just manufacture one of these?! Oh, wait, that one just shut off.   

       We used to have a cooker (stove) whose burners clicked when on (as opposed to only when lighting the gas jet). It was probably malfunctioning, but that made it pretty difficult to forget a burning ring.
DrCurry, Sep 17 2006

       I'm 80% the stove has been invented. In fact, it's the name of the category.   

       Suggest title change to something like "Unattended Stove Burner Warning Device".   

       Also we like reading the how almost as much as the what. Please suggest how this system might detect that the burner has been left on accidentally.
Texticle, Sep 17 2006

       Baked. (Or fried, boiled, simmered, sauted, or something.) Check out the "induction cooktop". Since it generates heat by magnetic interaction with the material of the pan itself, removing the pan shuts off the stove.
lurch, Sep 18 2006

       Surely it doesn't shut off, rather it stops heating. Huge amperages are probably still coursing through the cooktop's coil(s), and hence simply walking away would not be a wise strategy for electricity conservation.
Texticle, Sep 18 2006

       Plus, I tend to leave the pan on the burner when I rarely,<cough!> more than I like to admit, <cough!> accidently leave it unattended and forgotten. I need something that senses non-motion vesus slow cooking.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Sep 18 2006

       [Texticle] - no coils. Magnetic induction, and when the pan is removed, it's kind of like removing the load from an electric motor - power draw plummets. It would be into the 30 to 50 watt range residual, except that it is so simple to detect, the builders just put in the auto-shutoff. I haven't been able to find any lacking that feature. In fact, almost all can detect a pot that has boiled dry and shut off for that, too.
lurch, Sep 18 2006


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