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Street Lamp Wind-Socks

use street lamps to show which way the wind is blowing
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Streetlamps line most city and urban routes. They do a good job of providing illumination at night but not much else. For the rest of the time, they just stand around doing nothing, yet they are perfectly placed to deliver an additional function - as wind direction indicators. Once fitted with windsocks they will provide this valuable extra service with total ease.

Street lamps with windsocks would be very helpful for pedestrians who can avoid their umbrellas being blown inside out by observing the general behaviour of the socks as they stroll along.

Drivers of high-sided vehicles can also be warned of dangerous crosswinds, but windsocks also just look nice as they wave around showing off their bright colours.

xenzag, Dec 08 2021

https://m.aliexpres...il2mobilesitedetail Imagine a long road with these fish style windsocks attached to every lampost [xenzag, Dec 08 2021]


       Cool idea. Brightly coloured and perhaps illuminated from within by the streetlights. We could start a GoFundMe for this project and call it Xenzag's Socks Appeal.
AusCan531, Dec 08 2021

       Could use flags instead, also has the benefit of displaying colourful multi-cultural celebration and delight between neighbouring communities.
pocmloc, Dec 08 2021

       A wind-sock will put an appreciable wind load on the street lamp when it's very windy which the street lamp is not engineered for, so a weather-vane would be a better solution
hippo, Dec 08 2021

       I had considered a weather vane, but the windsock is a so much more visually arresting artefact. Meanwhile, I'm confident that the average lampost is sturdy enough to support a windsock.
xenzag, Dec 08 2021

       When I read the title I thought this was an idea for knee-length socks that had a model street lamp strapped round the top to help you tie shoes in the dark... Your idea is much more practical :D
Treejuice, Dec 09 2021

       very lovely   

xandram, Dec 11 2021

       Thank you sweet pea.
xenzag, Dec 11 2021

       awwwww heart, hug, blows a kiss in a wind sock…
xandram, Dec 12 2021


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