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Street Light Coordinate Label

Small metal labels, with coordinates, on street lights
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Fairly simple to implement, and could be quite useful. Could be used in land surveying, quickly finding your location on a map, and in remembering exactly where a picture was taken - just snap a second picture of the nearest street light.
Worldgineer, Apr 14 2006

Somewhat baked in Manhattan http://www.suodenjo...tos/2005/week20.jpg
Heartily endorsed for other areas. [DrCurry, Apr 14 2006]


       1) GPS Unit
2) Mobile CNC Engraving Machine
3) Supply of Brass Plates
4) Supply of JB Weld
5) Supply of Worldgineer with spare time

half, Apr 14 2006

       //6) Little red arrow// with "You are here"
Ling, Apr 14 2006

       Or "I'm with stupid".
Shz, Apr 14 2006

       (+) And for dating.
Inyuki, Apr 14 2006


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