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Street Lockers

Look after your bags, Sir?
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Nightclubs, pubs and bars often have a cloakroom where, for a small fee, you can leave your bags - saves carrying them around.

This is great if your planning on staying there the entire evening, but imagine if you're planning on taking in a few establishments that evening? In our security conscious world, you shouldn't be able to leave your bag in one place whilst you go off elsewhere. [see idea for Secure Cloakrooms]

What I propose is a universal cloakroom - The Street Locker. It’s much like the cloakrooms previously discussed, but its not connected to one particular establishment. You are now free to go around the centre of town without the drag of having to check in and check out bags everywhere you go.

Bags should be checked in/checked out via biometrics, such as iris reading or fingerprints

jonthegeologist, Jun 19 2003


       What about the security implications? Unless this is a manned office with some form of scanner, there's nothing to stop you leaving a large bag of plastic explosives with a timer and blowing up the centre of your chosen city. This is why there still aren't enough litter bins in UK train stations - terrorist heaven.
hazel, Jun 19 2003

       hmmm.... well, put a fella on the door then to go search the bag prior to storage. Problem solved. Can I have a bun now, meanie?
jonthegeologist, Jun 19 2003

       [kreuner] Sure, if you want to leave your bags at a bus or train station.... but what about a place near the pubs/clubs
jonthegeologist, Jun 19 2003

       So, jonthegeologist, it seems you have had to rely on public transportation at one time or another. You beat me to the punch in posting this. As a long time captive of public transit I say you've got a winner with some work. These are my revisions. City owned lockers for the benefit and convenience of the general public. Free in/out or Low-Cost multi-use (daily) lockers. Power to the People!
thecat, Jun 19 2003

       I repeat, unbaked. City owned. In many locations. Free one use. Low-Cost multi use. Power to the People.
thecat, Jun 19 2003

       Er.... what is in the bag ? Why not just put your important stuff in your pockets (or clip it to your belt), and leave the bag at home ?
8th of 7, Jun 19 2003

       Obviously, you aren't reliant on public transportation. In a big city and with limited resources it's best to treat travelling in the big city like urban camping. Massive provisions are neccessary.
thecat, Jun 19 2003

       [blissmiss] little do you know, little do you know (ie: the answer to your question sadly is -"yes"-).   

       Why? Because it would take many quarters, several times a day, most days of the week to "entertain, furnish, domicile, hold, or quarter if you will, my "stuff". Remember, I said massive provisions. I find you rather insensitive to my plight.   

       Besides, if taking care of your pennies makes your dollars take care of themselves, imagine what taking care of your quarters would do. Penny pinchers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your ______________.
thecat, Jun 20 2003

       The Six Flags amusement park has lockers in various places. Unlock them with a wrist band, which you can use all day.
Amos Kito, Jun 20 2003

       i like it but finger prints and eye scans are so easy to get hold of but you have my vote for the idea.
magic_ki, Feb 03 2004

       // These are my revisions. City owned lockers for the benefit and convenience of the general public. Free in/out or Low-Cost multi-use (daily) lockers. Power to the People! //   

       So the revised version of this idea is that you want lockers like those that already exist except you want them to be free? And presumably funded by leprechauns with a staff of elves and powered by moondust.
kropotkin, Feb 03 2004

       I wonder if a small storage locker facility in large shopping malls or shopping districts would be a financially viable business. I know that I would be patron if I thought that the storage was trustworthy and the price not too onerous.
bristolz, Oct 16 2004

       A place called Splish Splash (a water park) near me has lockers like that.
ben14, Nov 27 2004


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