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eBay Storage Locker

If you don't use it, we sell it.
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This concept is a storage locker where you specify the access period for items, and pay a fee based on this plus the volume of storage, For example, you might store an item and specify "once per year." If you do not access the item in that year, the storage locker company is entitled to sell the item on eBay and to share the proceeds with you (plus pay for the locker.) Based on the principle that if you don't need it once a year( month, decade) then you can eliminate useless storage fees.
molecat, Feb 03 2007


       As long as you can call in and revoke it, and pay for the extra year [+] On the principle that if you forget it's even there, you don't need it either.
BunsenHoneydew, Feb 06 2007

       people could rent a real physical locker and have their e-bay purchases (which they likely don't use anyway) sent directly there and stored. a video cam would allow them to admire their stuff. they could also sell stuff from their locker to make profit. (that sold stuff goes to another person's locker)
sqeaketh the wheel, Dec 13 2010


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