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When you knead something to hold on to
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One of my coworkers got me one of those "stress balls" - a 3" sphere loaded with some kind of malleable goo, that actually does help sometimes. But it occurred to me that it would be even more effective, stress-management-wise, to have something a little larger to manipulate - say, a hemisphere the size and consistency of a 38DD female breast. It wouldn't need to *look* anatomically accurate, mind you - in fact. since it would be sitting on a desk in an office, probably best that it not look much like the real thing at all...
smendler, Feb 13 2014

Image hits for Stress ball breast, https://www.google....AQ&biw=1103&bih=513
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Feb 13 2014]










       Nice use of the space bar...
normzone, Feb 13 2014

       . . .
FlyingToaster, Feb 13 2014



       What a link!
blissmiss, Feb 13 2014

       I'm sure there are places where woman would offer up real ones. (for a small fee of course) I hear about these *massage* places, etc.
xandram, Feb 13 2014

       This is so baked in Japan, one gazillion mouse mats with silicone bits. So common I can't even be bothered to do a link.
not_morrison_rm, Feb 13 2014


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