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Stress Relief Testicles

"Grrr, now I've got him by the balls"
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A pair of stress relief balls - small and squishy encased within a realistic, rubbery/hairy latex sack.

Great to use when conspiring against male enemies and general stress relief related to real bastards.

Would sit nicely on a custom made stand at the end of your table/mantlepiece with an inscribed name plaque of the proposed owner.

benfrost, Apr 16 2001

Spiderball http://www.specialk....asp?ProductID=1044
Long black rubber "legs" on colored rubber. [jutta, Apr 16 2001, last modified Jan 28 2005]


       Just don't smash them in your breast book
thumbwax, Apr 16 2001

       okay thumbwax, i'll do my best.
benfrost, Apr 16 2001

       Do you think they would work in voodoo rituals? Maybe with some hair from the intended victim...
Dog Ed, Apr 16 2001

       would susen please weigh in on this?
gnormal, Apr 16 2001

       OK...only b/c you asked. Two years ago we neutered a horse named "Spuds" (who broke both his front legs in his first race...but that's another story). Well, after being witness to many of these, and having some young female employees....Spuds' ...um..."jewels" ended up in the freezer to show to people. Now, full size horse thingies are not small...about softball size...somehow there ended up games of "catch" with these very interesting frozen parts. We also used them quite frequently to terrorize young men who were interested in my employees.... ah, life on the farm.   

       Of course, don't get me started on all my recipes for "mountain oysters" :-)
Susen, Apr 16 2001

       I forgot to mention that it is also fun to slice them up with a razor blade and look at the tissue under a microscope.....
Susen, Apr 16 2001

       What about slicing them up with a razor blade, restacking them, and selling them as deli meat?   

       "I'll have a cheese and horse-ball on rye, please."
Wes, Apr 16 2001

       hmmm....actually Peter, I'm just a frustrated wannabe Vet who just couldn't make it through all the Chemistry classes.....
Susen, Apr 16 2001


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