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Stronger Bank Notes

Banish the dog eared corners.
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Ever had a crumpled bank note that wouldn't go into the feeder of a vending machine?

Ever noticed the water mark and holograms on bank notes are a lot firmer than the rest of the note?

Put the holograms and watermarks at each corner and prevent the 'dog ear' problem!

grippit, Feb 04 2004


       In Australia they have plastic covered bank notes which withstand serious abuse.
hazel, Feb 04 2004

       This is a huge problem, and your solution is novel.   

       At Grossmont College, where I'm currently attending school, several of the all-important coffee vending machines, as well as the even more important change machine at the Student Center arcade, are known for being ridiculously finicky about their dollars. This is just the way to fix that problem. Up yours, Student Center change machine! [+]
disbomber, Apr 08 2005

       In Canada, we have two-dollar coins. I've never had to use a bill in a vending machine.
whippinggas, Apr 08 2005

       Well, here in the US we have two different dollar coins and two-dollar bills and I've never had to use either in a vending machine, so there!
bristolz, Apr 08 2005


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