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Valuable Coin-cidence

Gotta have that Crownless..
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Every time a new coin is minted, make a dozen or so of them with a noticeable mistake. (Queen Elizabeth without her crown, for example)

Let the public know that these coins exist. (Create a "buzz")

All of a sudden, the coins show up in the hands of individuals who just happen to be looking for funds to start a socially relevant project in an economically depressed neighborhood.

Coincidence? No. Valuable Coin-cidence.

Sell coin on Ebay.


bn,,, Would work better for stamps, but Valuable Stamp-cidence doesn't have the same panache.

r_kreher, Aug 30 2008

six million dollar coin http://www.forbes.c.../04/10/0410pow.html
[r_kreher, Aug 31 2008]


       Profit from the production of false relics? I believe the collectors are likely to be the first to get wise to the scheme. They are very cunning about this sort of thing. More of a criminal idea then something the government should dabble in. Still the mints would be able to produce the most convincing forgeries.
WcW, Aug 30 2008

       those darned coin collectors!!!   

       We agree, though, that it would take a government mint with a certain flamboyance and courage... The very definition of "panache".
r_kreher, Aug 30 2008

       Oh yes + Bun for *criminal ideas*!!
xandram, Aug 31 2008

       How much does a 'socially relevant project' cost, and how much do you expect to sell these coins for?   

       If you're not careful, organising alternate mintings may be more costly than funding these projects directly.
zen_tom, Aug 31 2008

       I figure a mint Crownless should sell for, oh I don't know, about 10,000,000 Euros. That ought to open up a nice water recycling plant or something. Maybe a plant where they make solar panels.
r_kreher, Aug 31 2008

       Would cost a mint to produce.
4whom, Aug 31 2008

       Think 1933 Double Eagle. Ten just accidentally "disappeared." Yeah right. <link>
r_kreher, Aug 31 2008


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