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Structured Text Recognition

Automaticially reading in structured text does not have a field of its own - now it will
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AIDC is a known field, Layout recognition too. But Structured Text does not get the attention it should. Funny, because it is needed in almost every field of business.

So, following this post and the hundreds of buns (and twits, shares and likes on facebook following the HB success), there will emerge a python framework for fast structured text recognition originally built around OpenCV which will then be ported to Java and CSharp. It will do the following:

a. Discover different possible text areas and direction of text in the image.

b. Mark those areas - and show them (if asked) to the user.

c. Discover the font and guess its "size" and attributes.

d. Work out objects that are NOT in the same font (so for example :: New York :: won't be understood as ii New York ii)

e. Optionally give font information for the recognized text

f. Give the recognized document structure and layout.

g. Cleanup and pre-process document areas separately. - also giving correction information for the image as a whole.

h. Each recognition area should attempt several pre- processing directions and compare results for achieving ground-truth results.

i. Optional: pre-input of expected text or expected format of text for interpreting results

j. Optional: dictionaries with possible texts to expect - assisting in interpreting results - (with a score for supposed understanding)

k. Optional: Pre-input constant texts that are to be located in certain areas.

l. Optional: Pre input constant layout.

I'm sure that I'll get at least one bone from someone who will show me that it is widely known to exist, and I could have found it with a simple google search if only I knew the correct terms.

pashute, Jun 17 2015

I'm talking about an API not a scientific paper and not an application http://cmp.felk.cvu...rammar-VISAPP08.pdf
[pashute, Jun 17 2015]

Olina/Melina OCRopus and other structured text research https://www.youtube...watch?v=gcjCiS9pJ3A
[pashute, Jun 17 2015]


       and why isn't their category computer :: artificial intelligence :: recognition :: text recognition?
pashute, Jun 17 2015


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