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Brings ancient statues to life, including previous and later years
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Don't stop at a 3d model for all known ancient statues and drawings, but continue into animating them, and morphing them into previous and later life.

Also from the shape and from their writings try to reconstruct a possible voice they may have had.

That way we can get a movie of Plato in his early and later years, and check out if Prof. Daniel Dennet actually looks like him or not.

pashute, Sep 04 2023

Disney uses these extensively https://en.wikipedi.../Audio-Animatronics
[a1, Sep 04 2023]

(?) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEkj_wDjPTs Wow! Boy was I blin...idea this existed.
Thanks A1 [pashute, Sep 05 2023]

Fixed link https://www.youtube...watch?v=zEkj_wDjPTs
George Washington | Historical Figures Animated Using AI Technology [a1, Sep 05 2023]


Voice, Sep 04 2023

       Animated 3D historical figures with voices - link.
a1, Sep 04 2023

       Oh, no. We'll finally find out if David's weenie is actually that small. Do we want to know?
minoradjustments, Sep 05 2023

       It really wasn’t. Being nervous about facing off with Goliath led to a bit of… um… shrinkage.
a1, Sep 06 2023


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