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Submergeable self cleaning toilet

A bathroom that is suspended over a jacuzzi for deep cleaning
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When nobody is in the toilet and the doors lock the toilet is suspended into a deep cleaning whirlpool for deep cleaning. There should be robotic sprayers can send high pressure water over the basin and sink and floor.
chronological, Oct 18 2022

Self Cleaning Toilets https://home.howstu...leaning-toilets.htm
[a1, Oct 18 2022]


       And then your friends arrive for a surprise jacuzzi party!
pocmloc, Oct 18 2022

       This is somewhat like a 'mexican style' bathroom, which is fully waterproof (e.g. tiled) and has no shower enclosure. So one can clean the entire room with the shower nozzle, while showering. Great in a warm climate.
afinehowdoyoudo, Nov 11 2022


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