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Seeing Native Americans as a monolithic entity

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That would be something worth seeing, as they all meld into one huge Native American and go reclaim Manhattan island....

Beware the shaman...they're just biding their time...when the stars are right...

I blame MechE for saying it...

not_morrison_rm, Jan 27 2014


       If I wore glasses, at this point I would slide them down my nose and look at you over the tops of them.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 27 2014

       Makes you wonder where the 24 dollars in beads the Dutch paid for the island went to.   

       Would this include half breeds and the dead ? Which tribe the head ? Which the Heart ?   

       Big damn Indian. How many metric tons ?   

       THE tag line from HALF upper left corner seems fitting:   

       "The word "How?" springs to mind at this point."
popbottle, Jan 27 2014

       Don't you go blaming this on me. If the next hollywood kaiju movie is a giant Lenape ransacking New York, I want no part of it.   

       (Although, given that it's hollywood, it's as likely to be an Iroqouis or even a Plains tribe).
MechE, Jan 28 2014

       It's the FBI.   

       //counts 1.9 million American Indians and Alaska Natives.   

       Say each native American weighs 70 kilos thats....breaks out an envelope..18.2 tonnes...uses the calculator...that's 133,000 metric tonnes of slightly pissed off Indian.   

       Now, exactly how that mass is to organised is the question, is it one roughly human shaped one, or squat one with a gazillion elephant legs crushing a yellow cab at each step?
not_morrison_rm, Jan 28 2014

       Time for you to get some glasses, Max. You correctly apprehend their use.
bungston, Jan 28 2014

       Of course if they were monotheistic entity, that put a different slant on it...good heavens and all that.
not_morrison_rm, Jan 28 2014

       You beat me to it [2 fries]
AusCan531, Jan 28 2014

       People can and do form monolithic entities, some allude to such monstrosoties as leviathan. A single body politic can be an immense burden that while not an immense lurching fiend like Godzilla can be very disruptive. The form they take is masses. When people form masses, such as a crowd 1.9million people strong, that can be quite a destructive force. What your idea lacks is an invention to form vertical leviathan. Something like a stackable bicycle that transmits the energy of each participant into a power for the entire monolithic structure. If everyone wore a ladder suit, then each could climb on the other's rungs to a great height. I'm not sure if its sociology to envisage such a thing, but I imagine each of the million wearing a ladder suit, and the some volunteers enticing others to climb and then those enticing others and so on until a large vertical mass is formed maybe 20 body lengths high, 5 foot averge rise per level about 100 feet tall having a wide base of masses swarming around it cheering and forming smaller leviathans in disorganized clusters around it.   

       This would move slowly, and the volunteers at the bottom would be crushed, but the frames of the ladder suits are rigid, and take a lot of the burden. Fat people would only be allowed at the bottom, and children would be allowed to climb all over leviathan and crawl through its many human archways, bums in faces and so on. This would confront riot police and simply collapse onto them as the masses pile onto the fallen. New leviathan would be formed after breaking through police lines, and the vertical mob would continue, as the volunteers at the bottom are aided by the other thousands on the ground who squeeze into the base and help propell it along with quick little steps in unison.
rcarty, Jan 28 2014

       I picture them all operating some facet of a huge battle robot a la the Power Rangers.
RayfordSteele, Jan 28 2014

       Am picturing rcarty's ladder suit leviathan as looking like a cross between Last Of The Mohicans, Society and Tetsuo II. Excellent.
calum, Jan 28 2014

       It is possible to stack humans, but they need a source of lift to ameliorate the getting squashed flat bit, ie everyone gets a long thin hydrogen balloon with lift equal to their body weight, except the people at the bottom as they need the traction to be able to walk.   

       As for rcarty's idea it could be done with less loss of life if the ladder ends up in a segway and has a platform at the top for the segway about it to rest on. The segways towards the bottom being more and more titanic to withstand the downward thrust.   

       // I picture them all operating some facet of a huge battle robot a la the Power Rangers   

       That was more my idea, but I couldn't remember the name of any series where they did this, maybe Starfleet (?), but the best would be some melding, possibly with assistance of one of the elder gods...I'm thinking Nyarlathotep...
not_morrison_rm, Jan 28 2014


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