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Sub Culture restaurant
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I am looking for investors to go in on a Submarine sandwiche shop named "Sub Culture." The name says it all, "We're all about subs and we're all about alternative lifestyles!" All the employees wear black and mope around. And perhaps we'll license the Pixies song "Subbaculture" for the advertising blitz that will take place during the American Football Super Bowl.
Op, Mar 30 2001


       The manager should, of course, be named Dom.
bookworm, Mar 30 2001

       The bit about moping around makes me think the poster's not talking about quite the same scene as some of the annotations.
"Get me an alligator clamp and make it snappy!"
ping, Mar 30 2001, last modified Mar 31 2001

       PeterSealy, I think Op means 'subculture' as in 'not mainstream'...   

       Unabubba, that's cute. <grin>
StarChaser, Mar 31 2001

       you could dress the staff in schoolgirl uniforms and call it "sub mission" or add a small stage and make it "sub audible". Oh! poetry readings at "sub versive" or focus on the food at "substance". I'd avoid subsist, though.
djymm, Apr 01 2001

       Degroof, there's one in Plant City, too...
StarChaser, Apr 01 2001

       Why have I never seen a sub shop with a theme of actual submarines? As in "yellow" and "nuclear". Wouldn't that make for cool wallpaper - the civil war subs etc?
JesusHChrist, Mar 29 2005


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