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The Chiral Cafe

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This is a restaurant with a line running down the middle of the floor. The layout of the restaurant and all the tables and chairs are exactly mirrored across this line. Similar-looking waiters and waitresses serve each side of the restaurnt, carefully choreographing their movements to mirror each other.

When you go to this restaurant with your date, you sit at separate tables, one on each side of the restaurant. Microphones and speakers on the tables allow you to converse normally. As you eat, you copy and mirror each others movements, the close attention you pay to each other and the observation of each tiny detail of movement building up a beautiful empathy between you. The frustration arising from being physically separated yet so intimately connected only adds to the erotic tension.

Where possible, of course, this restaurant will serve food which comes in two distinct chiral forms - e.g. Danish Pastries, Chicken legs, etc.
hippo, Jan 14 2009

the waiters could be twins...;) http://www.axelmusi.../0/025192026621.jpg
[xandram, Jan 15 2009]


       "The frustration arising from being physically separated yet so intimately connected only adds to the erotic tension."
...too much information...

       One of you has to eat left-handed? The first one to sneeze gets kicked out...
phoenix, Jan 14 2009

       [-] Not because it's an unclever idea, but because I can't imagine many people would enjoy it. People eat to relax, not to perform. Having just come back from a large Italian dinner, performing synchronous movements, especially towards the end, would be asking a lot. But, just an opinion.
mylodon, Jan 14 2009

       Restaurant layout (+), choreography (+), erotic tension (+).
Eating the same thing as my partner ? Could be the dealbreaker (-)
Jinbish, Jan 14 2009

       gonna dress as a woman for your date?
po, Jan 14 2009

       [po] Hmmm, yes, I didn't think of that - you would have to wear at least similar clothing
[Ian] Yes, mutant chiral pairs of snails will be bred specially for this restaurant.
hippo, Jan 15 2009


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