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The Bear and Bull Tavern

celebrate your most recent stock gain by eating cheap
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Set up a restaurant, deli or take-away that lets patrons make "on the side" contracts inherently tied to the performance of certain stocks. The contract between owner and patron will be two-tiered.

The first agreement would be for the patron to eat at the restaurant at a desired date ordering an agreed meal. This is to prevent any patrons from "bailing out" after a loss.

The second agreement is more open ended. It would involve the patron choosing from a "menu" of stock-price propositions. An example of a dish on this menu could be: "For every percentage gain/loss stock X changes by date Y (determined by agreement 1), you get a discount/surcharge of Z percent on your bill."

The restaurant would have an employed stock analyst to determine this daily (or perhaps periodic) menu. The variable z above could be altered by the patron to reflect the risk they are willing to take. While i am not entirely sure, i assume it is in the best interests of the restaurant to choose stocks that have a reasonable possibility of improving.

So anyone up for a croissant?
Fineprint: Buying a crossaint contract in a time of economic instability may lead to numerous anxiety disorders.

phlegm, Oct 26 2003

The Bull & Bear http://www.travelsp...fo/waldorfny_tm.htm
A New York institution. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]


       risky risk, i like your thinking. So, let me get this straight the rich get richer and the poor get fatter??What a solution to the global poverty! I'm going to put that as my summary sentence now.   

       I just thought of an added feature to the restaurant. To encourage inexperienced people to make informed decisions, there could be fact sheets on each stock on the menu, complete with trend charts and analyst predictions.   

       So i guess the goal of this restaurant is not only to promote itself but promote an interest in the world of business.
phlegm, Oct 26 2003

       Every dinner reservation you make is already a put - you have the option, but not the obligation, to buy a meal on that date. And that name is already taken, in New York at least.
DrCurry, Oct 27 2003


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