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Subscription Based PC Game Client

Play games thorugh a subscription
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This idea is about a gaming service client like Steam, but the service would operate on subscrition based system, instead of buying a game and pay once for it, you would be able to play a good amount of different games through a monthly subscription (it could be an annual subscription too).

It would be available on Windows, OSX and PC, I think this system could be apealing to a good amount of people, and the games wouldn't be streamed, but installed on your computer, it could be considered as a rental service.

appdirect, Oct 26 2014


       Isn't this the equivalent, in fact the same, as renting a game from a store ?
FlyingToaster, Oct 26 2014

       "What's up with what's going down?" (L7)
normzone, Oct 26 2014


       Well I did mentioned in the last sentence that the service could be equivalent to a rental service, perhaps it could be put more emphasis on that.
appdirect, Oct 26 2014

       I think it's a clever idea, actually. It would follow the same modernization pattern as video rentals blockbuster video is to netflix just as gamestop is to this idea.   

       @bigsleep I don't understand where that comment came from. He's using the site as recommended, and throwing an unbaked idea out there. Hell, if I had the skills and resources to, I would totally contactappdirect and ask if he could help me bake this idea.   

       P.S. PLEASE don't show this idea to Valve... they might get ideas.
bspymaster, Oct 26 2014

       bigsleep, I understand that you have the right to criticize and not like my ideas, but it bothers me how close you keep tracking my ideas and comments, it seems you are a bit obsessed about it, I would kindly suggest to cut it out a bit.
appdirect, Oct 26 2014

       "They look like ridiculous patent claims i.e. poor combinations of existing technology"   

       "this site is for things that are mostly unpractical or ideas thrown out so that nobody can profit from them"   

       Well I think your first claim fits into your second claim, and you say that my ideas are bad, and then you mention this site is for bad ideas mostly, so why does it bothers so much?
appdirect, Oct 27 2014

       // I would like to know why you are posting mostly lame ideas though.//   

       Dude, this is the *halfbakery*. That's sort of the point.   

       (Seriously, though, I think appdirect's ideas are perfectly suited. For example, we've got "Omelette ready eggs". And, yes, they would be handy - if you were making an omlette - but I doubt the dairy industry is losing sleep over that missed opportunity.)
Loris, Oct 27 2014

       Better than boring conversations about socialism, philosophical mumbo-jumbo or rants about religion, which seem de rigour these days.
RayfordSteele, Oct 27 2014

       For those of us that tend to glom onto one game for a long time, this wouldn't be such a great value, but for those that want to try every game out there, this would be great. As long as everything is set up so that each install can be cleanly uninstalled when you need to make space for a new game, I think this would actually be a viable business model. Synching save data with the service so that it can be used on multiple machines would be a bonus. Of course, a given user should only be allowed to be logged in to one machine at a time.   

       A possible addition: monthly bankable guest credits to allow friends to join you in multiplayer games without requiring an account of their own.
Freefall, Oct 30 2014

       @freefall, that idea is fantastic, about the bankable guest credits
bspymaster, Oct 30 2014

       I'm pretty sure I saw this exact business plan somewhere several years ago. That I can't find it now may indicate its not such a good idea.
rcarty, Oct 30 2014

       The trouble may be with how the service pays the developers. It may be crippled like Netflix is, where the many quality content owners who don't like the incentives don't allow their content & the ecosystem starves.   

       Games are like music, & movies, where the top blockbusters take 1-3 years to make, with a $30-$100 million budget. But, the bottom, wide tail of that market is a million indy developers who take 3-12 months & tiny budgets.   

       Most games are played for 1 day then tossed, or 45 days then forgotten. Only a handful of games are played by the same user for >1 year.   

       Kongregate & friv.com are out there with tons of free games (mostly of poor quality). So, the subscription service needs to have a wide base & decent quality & decent discovery tools among the wide base.   

       So, what's the fair math/engine to incentivize both blockbuster & indy developers to join?
sophocles, Oct 31 2014


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