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Tablet Gaming System

A versatile game system
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I was thinking on how tablets have become popular devices in today culture, and I was thinking on how tablets could revolutionize gaming, offering bot the advantages of handheld game systems and home consoles, the tablet would have a built in gamepad (or could be attachable instead), you would be able to play console quality games on the go, and when you get home you can attach the tablet to a dock and play with a gamepad remotely, and the dock would have an AC adapter to power and charge the tablet, you would also be able to plug the tablet to a TV and play it as a home console, you could also play a games where the TV shows the game and the tablet screen shows items and maps, it could also have features like cameras and NFC reader.

This could also be a good social gaming system, you would be able to have local multiplayer when using it as a home console, you would be able to play games around a table, like you could play a local multiplayer wrestling game , Bomber Man and board games in the center of a table with wireless, and bring the tablet and gamepads anywhere for a home console experience without too much hassle, the tablet could bring triple A gaming experience on the go, since the device would feature a big screen and good processing power.

And there have actually being gaming tablets with built in gamepads, but the potential hasn't been exploited yet, someone could make a tablet that has console quality games and could compete with handheld game systems and home consoles.

appdirect, Sep 01 2014

Archos Gamepad http://www.archos.c..._gamepad/index.html
Baked, I'm afraid. [neutrinos_shadow, Sep 02 2014]


       The idea here being that one could play games on a tablet? I bet there would be money in that.
bungston, Sep 02 2014

       I just read an article that said that tablets are terrible for controlling TV games. Players have to keep looking down at the tablet, instead of being able to feel buttons on a controller, apparently.   

       Which indicates that it has been tried. And it seems kinda obvious.   

       As for tablet games, I am using a tablet right now, and I can't be bothered to put any games on it. The ones that I try just feel wrong.   

       (Now, you make a multi-button hand-held dock, and I will give it a whirl.)
baconbrain, Sep 03 2014


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