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Suicide confetti bomber

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Suicide bombers are widely held to be a bad thing, and their self-explodation is intended to create terror.

I propose, therefore, that we install MaxCo's Suicide Confetti Bomber devices in large enclosed public spaces.

The SCB installation consists of a fast-moving (read linear induction motor-driven) X-Y mounted crane covering the area to be protected. High above the milling, soon-to-be-bombed crowd, it carries the SCB Bell. The Bell is approximately bell-shaped (durr), about 8ft tall, and consists of two layers. The inner layer is Kevlar-reinforced polypropylene, and is thick enough to absorb a significant blast. The outer layer is merely a thin cellophane wrapper. Sandwiched between the two layers is a large amount of confetti (or, in the festive season, glitter).

The bottom rim of the SCB Bell is weighted. The top-most part (the "cap", about 18" in diameter) is made of expanded polystyrene.

As soon as security cameras detect someone wearing a bulky vest and acting suspiciously, the SCB's gantry swings into action. The instant they start to shout "Allua akhbar" or "To hell with the Inland Revenue" or whatever, the SCB Bell is lowered apace, hopefully descending over the suicide bomber a few milliseconds before they press the button.

If successful, the result is a loud thud. The inner layer of the SCB Bell absorbs the blast, but expands sufficiently to rupture the cellophane outer layer, creating a pleasing and festive confetti explosion. At the same time, the suicide bomber's head will shoot out through the top of the SCB Bell amid a fountainous snowstorm of expanded polystyrene, and may be caught by one of the bystanders.

MaxCo - putting the Fun back into fundamentalism.

MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 03 2017

Throwing your voice https://www.google....grc=v0dV9_hIAWISmM:
Proof if ever it was needed that being able to throw your voice is totally real. [xenzag, Dec 03 2017]


       // "To hell with the Inland Revenue" //   

       We like the idea overall, but in that case, could there not be a scheme to convey the perpetrator by taxi to an actual Revenue office, where they might cause a beneficial amount of death and damage ?
8th of 7, Dec 03 2017

       // The instant they start to shout "Allua akhbar" or "To hell with the Inland Revenue" //   

       Q the rise of the ventriloquist faux suicide bomber..   

       Who throws his voice to some hapless (& Innocent) passer by, the bell drops, the innocent member of the public is trapped & the fake bomber / prankster exits (giggling) stage left.   

       Presumably no bouncing head or confetti results.
Skewed, Dec 03 2017

       Have an idea that properly throwing your voice is a myth. You can waft your voice a bit towards someone, like you do with farts. But not actually throw it properly like a ball. Unless the air is plasma maybe? Or ball lightning.
DDRopDeadly, Dec 03 2017

       // properly throwing your voice is a myth //   

       So they hire some of Fagin's little rascals to plant tape players in some pockets instead :)
Skewed, Dec 03 2017

       This could be enhanced by surreptitiously lowering very, very heavy, thick- walled soundproof glass boxes over mimes in public places, then leaving them to die slowly in plain sight.
8th of 7, Dec 03 2017

       // thick- walled soundproof glass boxes over mimes in public places, then leaving them to die slowly in plain sight //   

       Is that you Havelok?
Skewed, Dec 03 2017

       "LEARN THE WORDS "   

       Do you want a go in the scorpion pit ? Drumknott has just refilled it.
8th of 7, Dec 03 2017

       anything with confetti is good, especially flying heads!!! ++
Treejuice, Dec 04 2017


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