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Sun Spot Hat

Total eclipse of the eye.
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This hat (style not terribly important) has a track running around the perimeter, with a small motorized computer controlled arm on it.

At the end of the arm is an opaque rectangle. The arm can move around the circumference of the hat on the track, able to position the rectangle in front, back, side, above, or below the wearers eyes.

Initial hat calibration is required to tell the electonics where your eyes are in relation to the rectangle.

Now when you walk out in the sun, the hat constantly senses with light sensors and net-connected GPS as to where the sun is, and the rectangle is kept between the wearers eyes and the sun at all times.

Giblet, Apr 06 2008

Wide Brimmed Hat http://i.ivillage.c...CrewHat0505_366.jpg
It hangs down to block the sun. [Amos Kito, Apr 06 2008]

Instead of a rectangle, go for this small moon. http://kunarion.com...y/crescent_moon.jpg
[Amos Kito, Apr 06 2008]

(??) Sun Protection Hat http://www.sun-prot...protection-hat.html
I prefer the good old sun hats like these! [sunadvocate, Jun 12 2011]


       I'll take the Deluxe with the option of blocking out loud ties, pants with the crotch around the knees and white-socks-and-sandals (my gf made me put that last one in)
FlyingToaster, Apr 06 2008

       I should bone this just for getting that damn Bonnie Tyler song stuck in my head, but [+].
MikeD, Apr 06 2008

       If it's a wide-brimmed hat, I'd prefer to have part of the brim move downward to cover the bright spot. But only use a "rectangle" if style is not important. Otherwise, a classy orbiting moon or other opaque object is preferred.
Amos Kito, Apr 06 2008

       But a spot would cover only one eye, or have to be centered to cover roughly a 6 inch circle on the face.   

       I want something that only gets the eyes.
Giblet, Apr 06 2008

       [rcarty] that was the inspiration
Giblet, Apr 06 2008

       So, basically, this is a very expensive, computer-controlled "improvement" on 10,000-year-old technology?
Alterother, Jun 14 2011


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