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Tinfoil Hat Repair Kit

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A roll of foil tape backed by conductive adhesive, and a small pair of scissors. Instructions on the back of the package.
FlyingToaster, Sep 21 2010

Evil Overlord List http://www.evilover...lists/overlord.html
Essential reading ... [8th of 7, Sep 22 2010]


       How did you ever work this one out [FT]?
Boomershine, Sep 22 2010

       Here's your commercial:   

       Guy walks out the door going to a job interview wearing a beat up looking tin foil hat. Concerned looking wife says: "Bob, I hope you're not going to another job interview with that thing on."   

       Guy: "But Marge, you know the CIA is beaming mind control rays at me, I need this thing!"   

       Flash forward: Guy walks in hanging his head. "Didn't get the job." Gal says "I think I know why." and smiling whips out the tinfoil hat repair kit. Flash forward again to him winning salesman of the year award at his new job wearing his shiny new looking tin foil hat.   

       Wife looks at the camera holding up the kit and winking. "You'd be crazy not to use it!"
doctorremulac3, Sep 22 2010

       [+] mostly for [doctorremulac3]'s advertisement.
mouseposture, Sep 22 2010

       heheh, bun my own post 'cuz of that anno.[+]
FlyingToaster, Sep 22 2010

       I'd prefer a superhero called "tinfoil hat repair man" now I'm wondering about his sidekick and his nemesis.
po, Sep 22 2010

       // nemesis //   

       Jack the Ripper ?
8th of 7, Sep 22 2010

       + yes but what about a carrying case?
xandram, Sep 22 2010

       A couple of 6V batteries, to maintain an electrical field around the wearer's head?
infidel, Sep 22 2010

       [infidel] Why do you want to put an electrical field around my head? _Who DO you work for, exactly_?
Boomershine, Sep 22 2010

       //...bun my own post//   

       Doesn't everyone bun their own posts? Sort of primes the pump, if you ask me. Keeps you from getting skunked, too.
Boomershine, Sep 22 2010

       Not as silly as it sounds. Some of the neuroscience people round here like using TMS - inducing currents in brains using magnetic fields. A foil hat would help there...
saedi, Sep 22 2010

       To tell the truth, I work for myself.   

       I am, however, consulting on a project to suborn a huge civilian army of mental defectives to assist in a bid for world domination by a small cadre of overpaid Hollywood actors. Please promise you won't tell anyone else, [Boomershine].
infidel, Sep 22 2010

       *//Please promise you won't tell anyone else, [Boomershine].//   

       [infidel] Yikes!!! Didn't I tell you about the asterisks?!? Everyone can read your posts without them!!! Good luck with 'world domination' now...*
Boomershine, Sep 22 2010

       // a project to suborn a huge civilian army of mental defectives to assist in a bid for world domination by a small cadre of overpaid Hollywood actors.//   

       Ah. You're in politics, then.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 22 2010

       Either that, or the Chief Executive of McDonalds ... our money's on the army of drooling, mouth-breathing burger-flippers from Hell.   

       Handy guide <link>.
8th of 7, Sep 22 2010

       You make my ownership of a burger chain sound like it's a bad thing, [8th of 7].
infidel, Sep 22 2010

       *[infidel] //Ah. You're in politics, then.// See?!?*
Boomershine, Sep 22 2010

       Everyone knows that proper tinfoil hats cannot be repaired. They must be retired, just like flags that are torn. The CIA has signal-enhancing tape out there, you know.
RayfordSteele, Sep 23 2010

       I'm sure [FT] meant this tape to be extra heavy signal- rejecting foil tape for just such an eventuality. He just didn't want to make the description of this great idea *too* long for us halfbakers.
Boomershine, Sep 23 2010

       //Everyone knows that proper tinfoil hats cannot be repaired.//   

       Hmm. Sounds like something a CIA operative would say. Pretty sure this place is crawling with em.
doctorremulac3, Sep 23 2010

       //cannot be repaired// pshaw: I specifically mentioned that the adhesive is conductive. However, to avoid the usual lawsuits, do note that the product is designed to repair rips and tears, not meant for repairing large calibre holes.
FlyingToaster, Sep 23 2010

       Umm... aluminium foil tape is well baked (used for flexible ducting connections etc. I have some). I'm not sure how conductive the standard adhesive is, tho', but that's an easy work-around. Just fold the edge over for foil-to-foil contact.
Wait - does a tin- (or aluminium-)foil hat need to be continuous? If mesh (Faraday cage) works, why not strips?
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 23 2010

       //Sounds like something a CIA operative would say. Pretty sure this place is crawling with em//   

       Having read a number of the ideas here, I'm sure it gives intelligence agencies and their web filtering software the heebie-jeebies on a daily basis.
infidel, Sep 23 2010

       //aluminum foil tape is well baked// indeed it is, as are scissors. Think of this as the equivalent of a little sewing kit.   

       //Faraday Cage// Most people opt for the broad EM coverage provided by a continuous surface, however the repair kit is equally effective on a FC model hat.
FlyingToaster, Sep 23 2010

       A long straight slot or tear in the hat will let signals through. Your collander type farrady cage protection depends on the length of the holes, not the width. (a long skinny slit will admit exactly the same signals as a round hole with diameter equal to the slits length)
MechE, Sep 23 2010

       [MechE] but when taping up a hole there's less clearance to the edge of the tape, ie: a 1" hole cannot be closed properly with one piece of 1" wide tape, whereas a 5" slit requires say 6" of tape... also of course if you have a "large caliber hole" you may have other problems you should be worrying about.
FlyingToaster, Sep 23 2010


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