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Sunglasses Tester

UV LED Sunglasses Tester
  [vote for,

A small, battery powered device on which a pair of sunglasses can be placed, several light emitting diodes of various ultraviolet wavelengths are arrayed on one side of the lenses, photosensors on the other. Visible light indicators are present to show which wavelengths are blocked and which are not.

Device should be small enough to bring with you to the sunglasses shop.

JakePatterson, Aug 13 2008


       It would be very nice indeed to have an objective tester.
gisho, Aug 13 2008

Yeah, sometimes them shopowners can be pretty shady.

       I like it but include a visible light tester also. My eyes are very light sensitive and I need glasses that dim the visible light down to comfortable levels.
MisterQED, Aug 13 2008

       Should also test for polarization. +
csea, Aug 14 2008

       Maybe just standardize an information box to be put on labels showing a stylized bar graph rainbow that could explain color frequency blocking from UV to IR and then another for other features like polarization.
MisterQED, Aug 14 2008

       you can test for polarization yourself. just take two pair of the desired sunglasses and place one lens perpendicular to the other lens. hold them up to the sun or a light source and if no light gets through the sunglasses are polarized.
yuridasuks, Aug 14 2008

       I voted for. I was about to say that they already have that. Because you know they do. But then I saw... //Device should be small enough to bring with you to the sunglasses shop.// I think you could build this device for under $100 I like it! I just bought a pair of awesome shades from: http://www.uglyfishusa.com and I really dig them.
Your_Name_Here, Sep 26 2009


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