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Shop -VAC Diet Assistant

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A diet requires discipline, the device you get is a vacuum cleaner disguised as a handbag or briefcase the system will have an ultra noisy mode and a silent mode and include a small self retracting flexible tube.

Part of killing a good diet is being ashamed of ordering a smaller portion or asking about the calorie count. Now you can order whatever is on the menu.

When the food arrives at the table you can vacuum an appropriately sized portion off of your plate. No Fuss No Muss No going over your caloric allowance.

The SVACDA will assuredly blend or liquefy the materials into a repulsive shake to discourage cheating behind closed doors.

I also believe that systems like this minus the slurry processing stage may be utilized by very hungry people to rob foods from other peoples plates, foods that they may perhaps not be able to afford.

vfrackis, Mar 06 2013


       Are we eating what goes in the vac or what stays on the plate?
DIYMatt, Mar 06 2013

       you eat what stays on the plate
vfrackis, Mar 06 2013


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