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Sunglasses for garden gnomes

tackle your garden furniture's lack of street cred.
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Whatever compliments you may bestow upon them, it cannot be said that garden gnomes are hip or cool. In fact, I would say they're completely out of touch with fashion to a worrying degree. This image could be turned completely on it's head by the addition of a small, slick pair of shades, a simple gesture which would speak volumes. Before: Dressed badly because they don't know any better. After: Dressed badly because they just don't care - there are more important things in life (like fishing?)
lostkidstent, Aug 06 2001


       Before: Tasteless lawn-litter.
After: Tasteless lawn-litter (but with sunglasses).
Croissant. (Not sure why.)
angel, Aug 06 2001

       I'm wearing mine right now.
Gnomish, Sep 01 2004


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