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Sunken Dishwasher

For small kitchens
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If your kitchen is too small for an under-counter dishwasher, try this:

Cut a square hole in the kitchen floor, about 70 cm wide. If the kitchen is on the ground floor with no basement, make the hole about 1 m deep. Install a hydraulic lift in the bottom of the hole. Put a dishwasher on the lift and connect the plumbing with flexible hoses. Add a platform to the top of the dishwasher that is flush with the floor when the dishwasher is at the lowest position.

At the push of a button your dishwasher rises out of the floor. Load the dishes, turn it on, push the button, and down it goes. Walk around on top as if it weren’t there.

AO, Apr 29 2003


       Only if it plays Wurlitzer music while it's rising up.
angel, Apr 29 2003

       Why not a whole sunken kitchen? Sunken sink (redundant, but useful), sunken stove (for flat souffles), sunken table and chairs, sunken refrigerator.... oh, yes, we will have a sunken paradise!
k_sra, Apr 29 2003

       If I had a bit more money, I'd rather just use disposable plates/dishes/utensils etc ,,,,,,And shove THEM into a 1 meter deep hole under the cupbard
peter2, Apr 29 2003

       This is a first rate idea. Lots of old houses have cramped kitchens. Some folks keep their dishwashers in the closet or somewhere and roll them out. Keeping it under the floor is slick.
bungston, Apr 29 2003

       Nice. Potentially costly retrofit in a concrete slab floor, but nice. (+)
half, Apr 29 2003

       You could go halfsies with the dowstairs folks. They could use it as well. In fact, the thing could be on a dumbwaiter for use by the whole apartment complex. This would also be an incentive to promptly unload clean dishes instead of just using them out of the dishwasher like some lazy sloths do. If you leave them, next thing you know the upstairs neighbor has them in his mouth.
bungston, Apr 30 2003

       My ex mother-in-law had a kitchen floor space about the size of a diskwasher lid. I'm fantacizing about seeing her sucked down by the contraption. Can we have an in-floor waste disposal instead?
FloridaManatee, May 01 2003

       // In fact, the thing could be on a dumbwaiter for use by the whole apartment complex. //   

       That's actually quite ingenious, bung. Use an industrial high speed model.
waugsqueke, May 01 2003

       // In fact, the thing could be on a dumbwaiter for use by the whole apartment complex. //   

       I'm having a vision. Picture it:   

       Thanksgiving, Evening, 2004: The Joneses (2A) have just entertained the Smiths from 2B and the Greens from 3C. The ladies stand ready in the kitchen, dirty crockery and cutlery in hand as the Dishwasher approaches. *DING*. It's there - in a flurry they rip open the door . . .   

       And 3A, 3B and 2C had already got there.   

       This means war - wait till Christmas ! ! !
spooner, May 01 2003

       Great idea, but better hurry with the patent. Someone else is getting close.   

kbecker, May 01 2003

       Couldn't you spring load it, so that you just sit/kneel/stand-on it to close it, and when it's finished it pops up unexpectantly. It could even have a klaxon and/or flashing red lights to warn of immenent pop-up.
nichpo, Aug 20 2003

       Or it could start to play a jack-in-the-box theme song.
k_sra, Aug 20 2003

       Why not use it in a large kitchen and still save space, and wow your friends with the hydraulic dishwasher in your floor.
krigre55, Dec 01 2007

       I do have to wonder, if you have the money to build this, why don't you buy a bigger house. But it's a cool concept that I think I'd have even if I was rich and could afford the space.
5th Earth, Dec 01 2007


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