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stately dishwasher

dishwasher with the current condition of its contents
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This dishwasher has weight sensors on each of the rack bearing wheels.

Programming can then have data measurement as to what people are doing. The main displayed states 'Filling', 'Just Washed', 'Empty', 'Still Clean' are easy when deduced with time, weight and wash cycle.

A state like 'Tainted' needs a constant measure of weight change. A Tainted message would have a small probability of error due to someone putting a clean dish into some washed contents.

An extra would include programmable messages which could include family member names . " The pod doors can be opened, Dave"

wjt, Apr 06 2014


       My dishwasher has a digital display that tells us when the washer is overloaded, when there is insufficient hot water, when the dishwasher has become confused because the power went out during a run, etc.   

       Given my general loathing for appliances that think they're smarter than I am, I would not have purchased such a machine, but it came with the house.
Alterother, Apr 06 2014

       How are you going to fill the dishwasher without your helmet, Dave?
zeno, Apr 10 2014

       My dishwasher is amazing, it seems like a closed system into which a tremendous amount of electrical energy is introduced... but, all the dirt is spread out in a beautiful display of increased entropy. I'm pretty sure there's a transdimensional energy sink hole in there, possibly under one of the filters.
bs0u0155, Apr 11 2014


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